How to play

How to play Ultimate Pong

  1. The ball cannot bounce and you cannot step over the front line during the point.  
  2. Your ball must land in your opponents court or it is out (lines are good...When in doubt, call it good and have fun!) 
  3. Every point counts.
  4. Serve from below shoulder level and from behind the baseline. Receiver should stand one step away from the front line of their court. See image above.  The server should use top spin to make the ball dip to your opponents feet so they are forced to hit up.  
  5. You get 1 chance to get your serve in.  You serve for two points, then your opponent serves two points, then you serve two points, etc. Switch sides after every game.  The loser of the game serves 1st in the next game. 
  6. The server should always say their score first, then their opponents score before serving the next point. 
  7. To win a regulation Match, you must win two Sets. To win a Set, you must win 2 games. To win a game you must get to 11 first and win by 2 points.  I.E. If you are serving and its 10 to 10 and you win the point, its now 11 to 10 and you need to win the next point to win by 2.  


In the following video, pay special attention to how the server moves forward quickly and gets into the ready position before their opponent hits.  The key in the game is to keep the ball as low as possible to force your opponent to hit up.  

For advanced players, to win a point you will need to put a sequence of shots together in a pattern to open up the court.  Your ability to stay in the center of possible returns, control the spin and placement is as important in Ultimate Pong as it is in world class tennis. 

Court Dimensions and Setup

Step 1: Confirm that you have In your bag you will find a base that is already assembled, 2 telescoping poles that are carried by the base, a net, 4 white balls, 2 blue balls, padels, lines and stakes to hold the lines and base to the sand or grass.

Step 2: Remove the poles from the base,extend the telescoping poles.

Step 3: Connect the base to the ground or sand with four stakes, then insert the telescoped poles into the base.

Step 4: Slide one end of the net over the extended pole, then stretch the net and slide the net over the other pole to erect the net.

Step 5: Lay down the lines. Each side has a 14 x 14 court. The two sides should be 16 feet apart for official game play.  Each spike goes through the hole of two lines to secure the corner.