Ultimate Pong (2 bats & 2 balls $59.95)

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Ultimate Pong has transformed the paddle and ball experience forever. The proprietary bats and balls produce more spin, within the playing area, than tennis, ping pong, pickle ball and any other bat and ball experience.

Designed for game enthusiast, Ultimate Pong is played on the beach, lawn, water, snow or anywhere you can imagine.  

The Starter Set includes:

-  2 Ultimate Pong Bats

-  2 Ultimate Pong Balls. 

ONLY $59.95

For the Ultimate, Ultimate Pong experience, upgrade to Ultimate Pong Portable Pro and also receive the Ultimate Pong Portable net, lines and carry bag.  The court dimensions are 14 feet x 42 feet.  Great in the sand, grass, water, snow, mud, etc.

Ultimate Pong Pro Equipment Only $149.95